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Des Iles Pèlerins

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For those who like circuit courses, a day.



Leaving the Snowmobile Club Les Aventuriers

Accessible via Trans-Québec # 5, # 85 or # 526

Grab a bite at the club's relay before heading out on an adventure.

By # 526, access the local trail to go through the village of Notre-Dame-du-Portage. You will have a magnificent view of the Pilgrim Islands, located off the St. Lawrence. Make a stop in Saint-André de Kamouraska, at the Microbrewery Tête d'allumette, to eat a small snack and have a good beer.




Take back your trail via # 559 and take # 5 east again. You can take the time to fork on # 561 and the local trail to the village of Saint-Alexandre. The Boutique Les Petits Bonheurs de Marguerite is worth the detour. (Closed in January)

Retrace your steps and take Route # 5 back to your starting point.

If you decide to sleep in Rivière-du-Loup, know that several hotels are accessible by snowmobile.


Trails you will need to borrow:
Download the PDF map


The Imotoneige mobile app: iOS or Android


- Saint-Modeste

- Saint Helena

- Saint Joseph

- Saint-Antonin


Be careful and remember to get your trail permit.

Need support? We offer you the services of an adventure guide.

Need a snowmobile? The dealer Jean Morneau offers the rental.


Des Iles Pèlerins

2 places visited

Les Petits bonheurs de Marguerite

St-Alexandre de Kamouraska

Tête d'Allumette Microbrewery

St-André de kamouraska
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