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Nature et protection

Parc de la Pointe, secteur Côte-des-Bains, Rivière-du-Loup (Québec)


This remarkable sculpture group of four stylized shields stands on the banks of the St. Lawrence like an immanent force looming up from another era. The work's archetypal shapes may issue from the close or from the distant past. Custodial protectors towering on the horizon, the shields double as dream-catchers and parabolic ompasses. Although they are anchored to the Earth by metal and concrete, they also belong to the open water that they face and seem to yearn for.

Iron forger, welder, metal caster, and sculptor, Michel Bernier has executed a large number of projects integrating sculpture with architectural sites. In 1993, he established an independent metalwork studio where sculptures by artists Charles Daudelin, Dominique Valade, André Fournelle, Betty Goodwin, and Michel Goulet, to name only a few, were created. Myriam Kachour, who was born in France in 1969 and is now residing there, studied sculpture at Concordia University. She worked for a long period with Michel Bernier, while also realizing a number of personal artistic projects.