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Le Hérault

Les Jardins du Musée, 300 rue Saint-Pierre, Rivière-du-Loup (Québec)


This work in metal whose parts are progressively soldered on produces an ambiguous effect, oscillating between the organic and the mechanical. Our first impression of elements put together arbitrarily, somewhat like plant growth, contrasts with the work's rigidity, its metallic texture, and its industrial colour tone.

Ulysse Comtois was born in Granby in 1931 and died in Montreal in 1999. After a brief stint at the École des beaux-arts in Montreal in 1949, he frequented the automatiste artists at the beginning of the 1950s and exhibited with them in the middle of that decade. Shortly afterwards, he left the group to develop his personal style in painting and sculpture. In 1968, he represented Canada at the Venice Biennale, and was awarded the prestigious Paul-Émile Borduas prize in 1978.