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À Rivière-du-Loup : Amalgam-E


Phone : 418-860-8486

 Event Planning  Communication  Executive Concierge

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Art Académie de Rivière-du-Loup

343, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-6299

Gift shop featuring a great selection of artworks by local artists.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Aux Jo-Ly Ballons

404, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-8383

Gift and balloon shop for any occasion – small or large. Decorating and gift wrapping services available.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Centre Commercial Rivière-du-Loup Shopping centre

298, boulevard Armand-Thériault Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-7848

Live an extraordinary shopping experience in the heart of Rivière-du-Loup. Discover an incomparable selection of over 90 boutiques and services. The Centre Commercial Rivière-duLoup is the first-choice shopping destination in the region.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Chocolaterie Péchés mignons

Centre commercial Rivière-du-Loup 298, boulevard Armand-Thériault Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-3243

This little corner of happiness will take you back to your childhood with a wide selection of chocolates, candies, luxury cakes and teas from around the world!

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Électronique Mercier

162, rue Fraser Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-7269

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Fragrances d'Alex

295, boulevard Armand-Thériault Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-3494

Perfume shop and facial care.

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Phone : 418-551-2555

  Facebook : Twitter: Youtube:      

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Jean Morneau

91, boulevard Cartier Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-860-3632

Sale, repair and rent : Snowbike, motorcycle and mountain bike. Products : Honda, Bombardier, Cup Cadet, Columbia, Stihl, Husqvarna et Echo.  

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À Rivière-du-Loup : La Zone Sportive

12, rue Lévis Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-7284

Sale and repair of sports equipment

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Le Café du clocher

419, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-1616

Café-bistro and house of roasting.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Le Marché public Lafontaine

Petit Carré Dubé Lafontaine Street Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-4272

Every Saturday during the summer, you can discover a variety of regionally-grown produce at the farmers market. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and meet passionate local producers and the secrets behind the food they grow and the many products they offer.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Le Sentier Fleuri

265-A, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-4150

Floral creations, rare flowers, European imports and expert advice, all in an enchanting setting.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Levant Foo

332, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-2434

A trip around the world with products coming from Thailand, China, Africa, India, Nepal and Indonesia. A beautiful choice of clothing, jewellery, furniture and decorative arts… something different, something unique…

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Librairie du Portage Bookshop

Centre commercial Rivière-du-Loup Shopping centre 298, boulevard Hôtel-de-Ville Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-3561

The most complete bookstore in Eastern Québec, the Librairie du Portage also features the Café Nelligan coffee shop. Enjoy your coffee break, right in the store!

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Librairie J.A. Boucher

230, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-2896

Expert advice offered by experienced staff who shares your passion for reading is the trademark of this bookstore.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Mercerie Vézina Mode

508, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-2372

Men’s fashion

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À Rivière-du-Loup : National location

615, boulevard Armand-Thériault Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-860-2111

Car and truch rentals

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Noël au château

65, rue de l'Ancrage Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-863-NOEL

Welcome to the land of Santa Claus! Make all your wishes come true when you visit. We’ll tell you a story, older than time… Opened from April until December.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Piscine Lou Do

70, rue Fraser Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-3283

Swimming pools, spas, accessories, gazebos, shelters sun, saunas, garden furniture, billiards and barbecues have not secret anymore for them!      

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Source Ôthentik

314, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-605-3111

This multipurpose centre focuses on entertainment, health, wellness and personal development. In addition to hosting talks, the centre boasts a new age boutique, a health café and a variety of treatments for your well-being.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Sports Experts

Centre commercial Rivière-du-Loup 298, boulevard Armand-Thériault Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-7594

Sale of clothes and sports equipment. Spot repair shop.

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Terroirs d'ici et d'ailleurs

424, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-4499

Fine cheeses, cold cuts and gourmet foods will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Many flavours to discover!

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Top Zone

480, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-860-2507

Top Zone is a boutique that seeks people with an active lifestyle. It offers a wide range of clothing, footwear, apparel and accessories that will suit your needs. We sell urban style brands such as skis, skateboard and surfs type of clothing. For those who can’t get enough of winter, come and check out our [...]

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À Rivière-du-Loup : Voyages Ciel d'Azur

193, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-867-8001

Travel agencie

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À Rivière-du-Loup Dumoulin : Télévisions Rivière-du-Loup

176, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup

Phone : 418-862-8532

Sale of audio and visual equipment

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Phone : 418-722-3812

Welcome to the Lower St. Lawrence It is with great pleasure that we invite culture and heritage enthusiasts to explore this tour encompassing some thirty art galleries, studios, workshops and boutiques. Taking inspiration from their region,professional artists welcome you into their workshops and studios along a route dotted with traditional homes, heritage sites and striking [...]

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Cacouna : Comptoir Métis de Cacouna

312, rue du Quai Cacouna

Phone : 418-860-6557

This shop features the work of fifteen Métis artists and artisans from the K.R.T.B. region. You can select from a wide variety of new and exclusive items, all completely handmade by local craftspeople. Open: June to October; hours vary.  

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Cacouna : Matuweskewin art boutique

215, rue de la Grève Cacouna

Phone : 418-8602393

Located on the reserve of the Maliceet community in Cacouna, the smallest reserve in Canada, the Maison Denis-Launière is the last and only remaining testimony of the presence of the First Nation in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region.  It was built in the 1890’s; the Maison became the Interpretation Centre of the Maliceets.  In the former [...]

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L'Isle-Verte : L'algue d'Or

47, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste L'Isle-Verte

Phone : 418-898-4075

A hands-on primer on papermaking, learn the process of making paper by hand and the technique of incorporating small pieces of algae and plants. Also worth discovering: local artisans and the Blanche- Lamontagne Museum, Québec’s leading female poet. Opened: May until October. Call for reservations during off season.

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L'Isle-Verte : La Mousse de Mer

66, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste L'Isle-Verte

Phone : 418-898-3313

This new artisanal soap shop offers quality natural products made entirely by hand. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with soaps made from natural products. Opened June 23 to Labour day, 10 am to 6 pm.

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Saint-Antonin : Bergerie Du Pont

55, chemin du Lac Saint-Antonin

Phone : 418-862-9076

Discover the delicate and delicious lamb meat from Bergerie du Pont. Raised in harmony with nature without antibiotics or hormones, the lambs at Bergerie du Pont are fed herbicide-free hay and grain produced mainly on the farm. Our gourmet products are available at the farm stand by appointment and every Saturday at the farmer’s market [...]

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Saint-Antonin : Caravane 185

86, rue Principale Saint-Antonin

Phone : 418-867-2111

Camping car (RV) – Sale and repair

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